Saturday, 12 May 2012


Its been a while, but I am finally back at the blog. Time really flies, especially when work an personal life get busy. But it hasn't been a bad couple of months. On the contrary its been pretty good. Work life has improved and I have actually enjoyed it for a change. And there will soon be a move to a new house with a wonderful garden and two beautiful silver birches.

Despite being busy my spiritual journey has not suffered. I continued to read, study and generally bimble about looking at all sorts of stuff. In busy periods Youtube has been particularly useful, not as a source of sound information but as a window into the lives of some of the pagans out there. I know there is a bias in this as not all pagans would go on Youtube, to preserve anonymity, they don't get on with the technology, or it's just not their cup of tea. And it's the same with blogging, not everyone can blog or wants to blog. But I think this is telling me that a next step in my development might be to get out there and meet some real life practicing pagans and get a real feel for the community and its diversity.

Freyja Again

A while ago I wrote a post about finding some amber and feeling some kind of connection to the Goddess Freyja. I am pleased to say that she is still around and my thoughts keep returning to her. I have read norse mythology on and off since a child, and although powerful and interesting she is often sidelined in favour of gods like Odin and Thor. In fact her "race", the Vanir are often masked by the much louder, brasher Aesir, so much so that even her brother Frey cannot always be heard above the din. Now she has stepped forwards and is leading me to explore the much older world of the Vanir. The Vanir probably pre-date the Aesir, they are connected to the earth, fertility, wisdom and divination. It is also interesting to note that the Anglo Saxons were identified as worshiping the Vanir during the Christian missions to England. The fact that they are older, nature gods appeals to me very much. Perhaps in Frey and Freyja I have found my Lord and Lady figures.


Whilst exploring the web-based pagan community I have come across people who say that they have a patron Goddess and/or God and that they feel drawn to them or feel that they have called them in some way. Can anyone else share any stories about this? I would love to get comments on how people came to find a patron and what it means to them.

Freyja and Frey, Norse statuettes.

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  1. I can share my minimal experiences with you regarding the gods & patrons, but I need a little time to put my thoughts in order. Things are hectic here. Very hectic.

    I am so pleased you are back. You have been missed.