Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Having started the blog with a burst of activity I find myself in a period of quiet reflection. This is partly forced by yet another head cold and lethargy, but its good taking time out to just think. I got into a work state of mind last week thinking: "it's been ages since my last post, I must do one." Must!....its funny how we start to tie ourselves up in imagined obligations, something I do too much. I'm working on judging myself less harshly though...

Anyway, this quiet period has meant time to read. Following on from my thoughts about Anglo Saxon paganism and Freya I have just finished "The Secrets of East Anglian Magic" by Nigel Pennick. It was a fascinating look into native English magic as practiced in past and present and there were lots of Saxon survivals in the belief system, but I liked how he stressed that it is a living system, still open to change and improvement. Next up is "The Real Middle Earth" by Brian Bates.

Also of inteterest lately, the archaeologist Francis Prior presented his theory on the introduction of Saxon culture to England in his TV programme Britain AD. I think he is on to something when he says it was not through invasion but through interaction that fashions and culture changed. And now there is growing evidence that pagan Romano-Brits lived alongside Saxons and that they shared many beliefs. They also lived alongside Celtic Christians. If this is true then the so-called dark ages were a time of tolerance, change and creativity.

I will carry on reading in this direction and see where it takes me. At the same time I need to return to my first intention- an exploration of the male mysteries.

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  1. I have felt that *must* feeling before as well. We are funny little creatures, creating pressure where there is none. When I begin to feel a *must* which I perceive as being externally driven, i.e., not a *must* from a deep drive to write about something that moves me, I just make myself take a break. It sounds like the break was good for you. :)