Friday, 24 February 2012

Goddess Statue 1

So, following on from my earlier post about making things I have finally started my Goddess statue. I wanted to try and make my own, partly to impart more meaning and partly to see if I could.

I bought some air drying clay as I don't have access to a kiln. This has taken some getting used to and I have had to build it up patiently as it tends to crack and crumble. My plan is to case-harden the statue in the oven with some hardener stuff I also bought.

To start off with I made a rough wooden base and a wire framework.

I wanted a pose with the Goddess stepping forward with her hands in the "Goddess Pose". This framework turned out to be flawed - the wire was too flexible and couldn't hold the weight of clay on the upper body. Also, it flexed under the clay and cracked it at the limbs.

I ditched this approach for a simpler frame made of coat-hanger wire.

The fine wire still had its uses in framing detail like the hands.

I tried to relax and let the figure come to me. It occurred to me that I had no idea what she should look like so I asked the goddess to show me. I ended up with a pleasant, joyful face, framed with copious hair and quite youthful. Fitting given the approach of spring.

As I have gone along the body and pose have developed. I wanted her to be curvaceous, and a curve to her belly - hinting at the fertile promise of spring.

Something told me she wanted lots of hair.

As I have gone on, the pose has come out. So too has the base. I have included a standing stone behind her. This is a favourite beach find. In front of her I have made a cup or hollow. The idea is to place a charcoal brick and insense in the hollow and let the smoke billow up and around her. Or I could put a small candle there, or a container of water or some stones to represent particular elements - not sure yet.

There is still some sanding and trimming to do to the figure as it stands and I will have to air dry it for around four days now. So it's far from finished. I will post again when I case-harden the figure and start to paint it.

It's been fun so far and I am looking forward to making a Horned God to go with her. I might even make other Goddesses, perhaps in different aspects-as mother or crone.

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