Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Making Things

I had planned the walking meditation today after shopping but it did not happen. But whilst shopping I picked up a few art materials. I have always been into art and draw alot but it comes and goes. Lately I have had the urge to make things...maybe its a New Year thing?

Anyway, I bought a good quality blank note book that will fit in my pocket and have made my own diary for 2012. I wrote the month headings in Anglo Saxon lettering and decorated them (I found some nice pens too). I will add the yearly festivals, moon phases and anything else that marks the turning of the year. Making my own diary is a good reminder of the cycle of time and how precious it is. It's also nice to customise it to my use, with space for notes, wish lists and drawings. Plus I so need to be more organised!

Here are some scribblings:

I also picked up some air-drying clay and hardener. The plan is to sculpt my own God and Goddess statues. I am quite excited about this as I have not messed around with clay for ages and I will able to add my own interpretation, so I hope they will mean more than something bought in a shop. There is also scope to make pendants, plaques, runes, anything that comes to mind. The only thing I need is more time!

When I am making these things I will ask for inspiration, try to concentrate on their purpose and meaning and hope to imbue them with some power.

I think I will post the making in steps so that I can look back at the creative process.


  1. love your idea about making deity statues. Wish I felt up to that challenge! I so want figures of the deities that I have identified with, they are so frightfully expensive!! Ha, maybe you can make one for me and I'll buy from you!!
    I connect with your need to make things, I am a bit of a crafter myself. Have done a few craft shows, with a bit of success. Sometimes my Muse inspires me with really good ideas! Lately, I'm content to fashion a few things for personal use, as the inspiration comes to me. Am enjoying your blog.


  2. I have been looking forward to photos -- delightful! What a wonderful hare!
    But, Gah! Now I wish I could tie up the wee ones & draw...