Friday, 20 January 2012


These ramblings have been a useful exercise and have allowed me to get things straight. Without labelling myself a specific type of believer I can definitely say that I am drawn to Earth based religion, a religion like that of my native, British, pre-Christian ancestors. British because this is where I was born, it's where I grew up, it's a familiar landscape and I am already steeped in British folklore and culture.

For the most part I can only speculate how my ancestors went about their religious practices, but I think there is just enough remaining in the landscape and customs of this country to allow me some interpretation. I might even be able to ask my ancestors for guidance. And there are always new discoveries. The rest of living a good life is down to my own integrity.

So what are the central tenets so far:

1/ God and Goddess duality.
2/ Female Goddess as lover and mother.
3/ Male God as lover and father.
4/ Earth as female.
5/ Sun as male.
6/ Spirit and communication with spirit.
7/ At least two worlds.
8/ Communication with the otherworld.
9/ Passing into the Otherworld at death.
10/ Birth, death and rebirth.
11/ Attunement with the seasons.
12/ Honouring the ancestors.

This is enough to be going on with and it gives me a foundation for further study, there is so much more to explore and I will record it here. It is likely to be much less structured from here on in as I will dip in and out and record ideas as and when they come up.

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