Thursday, 19 January 2012

Always Back to Britain B.C.

Maybe it's a cultural thing, or a product of exposure to all things British because I am.........British, but I keep returning to the ancestral beliefs of our diverse, strange and amazing island for fulfilment. And the beliefs that most appeal are those that could now be considered folklore, tentatively linked to our distant past, some surviving Christianity as traditional and "quaint" customs. I have nothing against Christianity and it contains a great deal of beauty and wisdom, yes it has also inspired horrific actions but so have many religions, not because they are inherently bad but because of human interpretation, law making, power-play and dogma. But Christianity as it currently stands is not for me. I think sometimes that Christianity lost its way a very long time ago, perhaps at the moment of Constantine's conversion.

So I keep returning to the beliefs of Britain B.C., those that are lost but hinted at in the archaeological record and those that survive in stories and customs. Perhaps they are best called northern european beliefs because this country has always been a melting pot of culture, with multiple phases of migration, invasion and integration. And indeed some beliefs have a common thread and are seen in multiple northern european cultures, hinting at an older core belief, value or archetype.

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